Winchmax Warranty

Here at WINCHMAX we are all dedicated winch enthusiasts.

We work very hard to make sure we deliver customer service above and beyond industry standards.

Our aim is to bring you top quality, well-engineered and fully supported products and we offer our valued customers the following Limited Lifetime Warranty on all our winches without the need for registering your purchase. We still have the option for product registration for customers who would like to use the website and to keep in touch with ourselves. Please view the limitations below and read the full T&C’s about the warranty offered on any product.



WINCHMAX (‘seller’) warrants to the original retail buyer (‘buyer’) only that any mechanical component of a genuine WINCHMAX winch (‘product’) is free of defects in material and workmanship for the lifetime of the winch.

The electrical components (including the motor, solenoid, and switches) will be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of three years (36 Months) from the original provable date of purchase.

Any product WINCHMAX determines to be defective will be repaired or replaced at WINCHMAX sole discretion without charge to the Buyer upon Buyer’s compliance with this procedure. Seller may make reasonable charges for parts and for labour for repairs not covered by this Lifetime Limited Warranty. The warranties set forth herein are exclusive and in lieu of all other warranties, whether oral or written, express or implied.

To obtain service under this warranty, the Buyer shall mail, ship or otherwise deliver to the address noted below, at the Buyers expense; (1) the Product, (2) a written description of the problem, (3) Buyers name, address and contact number, (4) copy of the original purchase receipt.

The Warranty does not cover the cost of labour or transportation/shipping charges for the replacement or installation of defective parts.

The Limited Warranty does not cover damage or claims to any component, vehicle, or person WINCHMAX determines to have been damaged by or subjected to:

  • Inadequate mounting or installation damage, alteration, modification, misuse or failure to maintain.
  • Damage in any part attributable to: (a.) vehicle systems or components or (b.) combination with non WINCHMAX products.
  • Normal wear and tear/product deterioration.
  • Damage due to moisture or water immersion
  • Scratches or defects in product finishes or damage due to shipping.
  • Rust or deterioration of paint or finish
  • Acts of God, accidents, impact by rocks, trees, obstacles or other aspects of the use environment.
  • Theft, vandalism or other negligent or intentional damage

WINCHMAX shall not be responsible for consequential damages from these actions which may include but are not limited to, lost profits or loss of use and downtime.

WINCHMAX reserves the right to change the product design without notice. WINCHMAX reserves the right to replace any part or whole unit with a newer design of the same function. In situations in which WINCHMAX has changed a Product design, WINCHMAX shall have no obligation to upgrade or otherwise modify previously manufactured Products.


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