How quickly do you deliver to UK addresses?
If we get the order before 2pm we can deliver the next working day. Any order coming to us after 2pm on Friday will not be processed until the following Monday morning. If it’s after 2pm, urgent or mission-critical, give us a call on +44 (0) 1986 899 264, we have a lot of experience with couriers (same day, weekend etc) and may be able to help (surcharges may apply).

How much is delivery to the UK?
All standard deliveries to a UK address are free.

Do you deliver to the EU?
We deliver to all EU countries but there is a shipping charge. Our check-out pages should be able to work out this cost when you put your delivery address in the checkout process.

How long does it take to deliver to the EU address?
Delivery times are dependent on providing the customs authorities with the correct information. It will help us if you can provide your EROI or tax ID. If you are in Spain we need your NIF (private individual) or CIF (business). Without these numbers, we will not be able to process your order.

It is best if you register for an account on the Winchmax website (Register an Account) and fill in all the information requested. This will help us to get your purchase on its way as quick as possible.

When you first register for an account you get a 5% discount on your order and also get our newsletter with news and reviews about winches. Once all of the tax/ID numbers we need are provided then your purchase can be delivered to most EU addresses within 3 days.

How do EU tax and customs work?
If the product you are buying is less than €150 and you have an EORI number then the tax will automatically be calculated on checkout.
If the product is above €150 then we will need your EORI and tax ID.

You will not pay checkout tax but you will have to pay the tax to your local country authorities. If you are an EU business then you will not pay checkout tax and will have to declare your purchase to your local country authorities.

I have a problem with my winch
Read our Troubleshooting Guide. This covers many of the issues that you may have. If your issue is not mentioned, then please call us on +44 (0) 1986 899 264 or email support@winchmax.co.uk and we will be happy to help.

How do you calculate the capacity of a winch?
As a general rule of thumb for general recovery, the winch should have a capacity equal to 1.5- 2.0 x the weight of your vehicle. Read our How to Buy a Winch Guide.

If you want a full technical answer then please download our in-depth .pdf guide on winching we are currently working on it. Let us know you are interested and we'll put you on our list and will let you know when it is done.

What happens when the winch is overloaded?
You are likely to burn out the motor or damage the winch, never exceed the winching capacity of your winch. (factor in the duty cycle of motor and weight of the vehicle being pulled)

Is a hydraulic winch better than an electric winch?
Hydraulic winches are certainly more robust than electric winches and have a much longer duty cycle however they require a suitable hydraulic supply which requires an engine-driven hydraulic pump and reservoir. If your vehicle has not already got a hydraulic system fitted this can make a hydraulic solution significantly more expensive than an electric one. If you require a winch with a capacity over 20,000lb you will typically need to upgrade to a hydraulic winch.

How do you increase the pulling power of a winch?
There is no magic wand, ideally, when winching you will want to make a straight line pull back to the drum, but emergencies happen and here basic physics can help. If you want to double the power of your winch or half the load on it, or if the anchor point is too close to let out enough cable for a strong pull, use a snatch block to double the line. Using a snatch block will double your load capacity and will allow you to spool out more cable to reach the maximum rating of your winch. Please read our How to Use a Winch Guide

How do I turn on my wireless remote handsets?

  • Keyhole style remote - hold down both buttons for 3 seconds until the indicator light come on. You turn the remote off by holding both buttons for 3 seconds until the indicator light goes out.
  • ‘SL’ dual-mode remote – press the ‘Mode’ button and the ‘wireless’ indicator light comes on and you’re ready to use wireless mode. To use the ‘wired’ mode just plug a wander lead into the handset and it will automatically select ‘wired’ mode. When in wired mode the wireless mode will not work. To use the wireless mode just unplug the lead and the wireless mode will re-activate. To turn off the remote press the ‘mode’ button. The SL remote will automatically power off after 5 minutes of inactivity

What maintenance is required?
Most modern 4x4 winches require little maintenance beyond basic common sense, however, a little preventative maintenance will ensure a long winch life.
Please read about maintenance in our Troubleshooting Guide here.

What about returns?
Please read our Returns Policy

What payments do you accept?
Please read our Payment Options

You mention your industry-leading warranty, where do I find out about it?
Please read our Warranty Page