Thank you for buying a WINCHMAX brand winch. By using this product within its limitations and in accordance with the instructions provided you can expect years of trouble free service!

Please do read all the paperwork provided and undertake a full safety check and risk assessment prior to each use.


Top Tips


Power is everything!

  • Always connect direct to your battery, do not earth to chassis. If your control box has a thin black wire (this is the earth supply to the contactor) it must be connected to the main battery earth terminal on the bottom of the motor.
  • When mounting on a 4x4 it is good practice to remote mount the control box up under the bonnet to protect the electrics from water. If you mount the control box other than horizontal ensure you drill a second small drain hole at the lowest point to allow any water or condensation to drain out.
  • To replace the power cables (5m), use minimum 40mm2 flexible welding cables. (30mm2 – For ATV Winches)
  • Ensure your battery is in good condition and can provide a minimum of 650 CCA
  • Always fit a battery isolator switch and/or an emergency stop button to the positive supply line to allow for emergency stop and to prevent unintentional starting. This will also help to prevent any possibility of damaging the remote control receiver (through a power surge) during a jump start.
  • Check all connections are secure and protect from corrosion with petroleum jelly or similar.
  • If there is an overload circuit breaker supplied please mount this in line with the positive supply (fix one end to battery terminal, and connect the positive supply lead to the winch on the other)



  • It is important to understand that it is the first 5 or 6 tight wraps around the drum that allow the cable to grip onto the drum. The drum terminal crimped onto the cable and its fixing onto the drum are not load bearing, they are just designed to allow the cable to be wound on under sufficient load for it to wrap tightly onto the drum. When your cable is new it is slippery and springy and can easily unwind on the drum if it is ever released. If the outer wraps do ‘unwind’ then you must pull the whole cable out and re-spool. Otherwise you will pull the cable fixing off the drum.
  • Before using your winch under heavy loading, you should first ‘bed in’ the contactor by undertaking several short (say 5m) in and out pulls under medium load.
  • Some models are fitted with a wander lead bayonet type connector. When inserting the plug, first ensure that the keyways are lined up with the socket, once inserted the plug must be locked in by rotating clockwise until the metal clip is at the 12 o’clock position. It can be quite tight the first time you connect.
  • Mounting plates are not supplied with any of our full size winches as standard. You will need a mounting system suited to your particular application (winch bumper, flat bed mounting plate etc.) to provide a structural mounting area for the winch in order to position the fairlead correctly relative to the winch drum.


Winch Wisely!

  • Winches are rated at their maximum momentary pull, not continuous, always winch within the capabilities of your winch. You will learn to recognise the sound of your winch straining. DO NOT STALL YOUR WINCH.
  • Whenever you work your winch it will generate heat in the motor, high loading and/or long or repeated operation can cause the motor to overheat. Always monitor motor temperature and allow cooling off time if necessary.
  • ‘In drum’ winch brakes are designed primarily to hold rather than pay out under load, so when using on a recovery truck please try to release in a continuous smooth action rather than stop/start jerking of the cable. If safe to do so use the vehicles brakes to ease it down the ramp.
  • We recommend the use of a snatch block for heavy recoveries. This allows the cable to be doubled back thus halving the strain on the winch. Do not exceed the winch rating!
  • Installation Note – If your winch has been supplied with a competition hook, separate wire or synthetic rope for easy installation, please guide the terminal end of the rope through the rollers/hawse and attach the terminal to the drum – please only install the drum screw finger tight.