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WINCHMAX Hydraulic Control System

Hydraulic Winch Installation Kit. 12v Valve, Hoses, Control Gear. Wireless Remote

306.28 inc. VAT 255.24 Ex. VAT

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WINCHMAX Hydraulic Control System 12V

Hydraulic Winch Installation Kit 12v Valve Hoses Control Gear

242.22 inc. VAT 201.85 Ex. VAT

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WINCHMAX CETOP3 Full Hydraulic Winch Control System

CETOP3/NG6 12v Hydraulic Directional Control. Full Kit.

232.90 inc. VAT 194.08 Ex. VAT

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WINCHMAX Solenoid Valve, Regulator and Manifold Subplate

CETOP3/NG6 12v Solenoid Valve, Manifold and Regulator

180.49 inc. VAT 150.40 Ex. VAT

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WINCHMAX CETOP3 Solenoid Valve and Manifold Subplate

CETOP3/NG6 12v Solenoid Valve and Manifold Subplate

116.42 inc. VAT 97.02 Ex. VAT

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WINCHMAX CETOP5 Hydraulic Regulator Valve

CETOP5/NG10 Pressure Regulator

104.77 inc. VAT 87.31 Ex. VAT

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WINCHMAX CETOP3 Solenoid Hydraulic Control Valve

CETOP3/NG6 12v Solenoid Operated Directional Hydraulic Control Valve

90.80 inc. VAT 75.66 Ex. VAT

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WINCHMAX CETOP3 Hydraulic Regulator Valve.

CETOP3/NG6 Pressure Regulator

69.83 inc. VAT 58.19 Ex. VAT

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WINCHMAX CETOP5/NG10 Manifold Subplate

CETOP5/NG10 Manifold Subplate

46.53 inc. VAT 38.78 Ex. VAT

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Winchmax Manifold Subplate

CETOP3/NG6 Manifold Subplate

34.89 inc. VAT 29.07 Ex. VAT

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