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WINCHMAX Wireless remote control kit for winches up to 17,000lb - LATEST INDUSTRY LEADING TECHNOLOGY

This latest model is the result of many months of technical development. Already the design is being copied on the outside, but the upgraded electrical circuitry with overload protection is exclusive to WINCMHMAX - don’t be fooled.

Our latest design offers these advantages:

Operating Range over 60m (200ft)

Almost instant response time (0.2 second) for minimum overrun

Works on 12v or 24v

3A Overload protection on outputs

Long Battery Life (pre-fitted battery supplied)

Tough Rubber Exo-Case to help protect from drops and knocks

Fully coded will not operate other winches


Strong lanyard - helps prevent loss

I am so confident in the quality I am even prepared to give you a one year guarantee.

Once you have used a wireless remote you will never want to be without one again, an absolute must have for any recovery or off roading operations. You can operate the winch from a safe distance and when recovering vehicles you can steer them while operating the winch from inside at the same time. No need to stand out in the rain! Each remote is uniquely coded to the transmitter to ensure there is no possibility of interference from other transmitters.

The receiver is just 60mm x 45mm x 22mm and can be placed inside your existing solenoid enclosure.

The receiver fits neatly inside the solenoid pack. It is fitted with lugs to slide into the fitting rails found inside many solenoid boxes.

If there are no rails in your box just use double sided foam adhesive pads.

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