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2 Channel Winch Remote Control, Wireless. Single HD Handset, Long Range. 12v/24v


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2 Channel Winch Remote Control, Wireless. Single HD Handset, Long Range. 12v/24v. 
Dual voltage 12v or 24v   


  • Extra-long operating range - over 60m (200ft). 
  • Supplied with a single handheld controller. 
  • Almost instant response time (0.2 seconds) for minimum overrun. 
  • Dual voltage (can be used on 12V or 24v systems) 
  • 3A overload protection on outputs. 
  • Long battery life (pre-fitted battery supplied). 
  • Tough rubber exo-case to help protect from drops and knocks. 
  • Fully coded will not operate other winches. 
  • Waterproof. 
  • Strong lanyard - helps prevent loss. 
  • Compact receiver is just 60mm x 45mm x 22mm so will fit safely inside most solenoid enclosures. 
  • Easy to fit, full installation instructions supplied.   


Industry-leading lifetime warranty on mechanical components & 3yrs warranty on electrical. 
VAT invoice provided with every sale. 

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