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Product standard wmcboxsl1350012v h

Complete 24v Winch Control System for up to 20,000lb Wireless Remote


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Heavy-duty wireless control box system
For 24v winches up to 6.8hp/20,000lb.

Everything required to upgrade or replace your existing winch control box.



  • Supplied with the 'SL series' twin wireless combination handsets providing the precision control and back-up reliability of a hard-wired system and the convenience of long-range wireless control.
  • Wireless range up to 40m
  • Tough ABS two-part case.
  • Suitable for all four terminal 24v winch motors (i.e. three-terminal plus earth post).
  • Exactly the same system as used on WINCHMAX winches tried and tested in the harshest conditions so you can be confident of super reliability.
  • Latest heavy-duty sealed solenoid by WINCHMAX larger contact faces/faster contact closure.


Industry-leading lifetime warranty on mechanical components & 3yrs warranty on electrical.
VAT invoice provided with every sale.

This control box is for a 24v electrical system only. (Note: most 3.5t recovery trucks and 4x4's are 12v!)

Cables from control box to winch motor (x3): 400mm x 25mm2, M8 spade terminals.

Control box earth cable (pick up from battery earth connection on motor): 450mm x 0.75mm, M8 spade terminal.

Battery positive cable: 1800mm x 25mm2, M12 spade terminal.

Please note that the kit does not include an earth cable and your winch motor must be earthed with a good quality minimum 25mm2 cable directly back to the battery negative to ensure correct operation.


  • Wmcboxsl1350012v h
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