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Product standard wmwr26x12 wmwr26x14 winchmax 480

Winch Cable/Wire Rope 15m x 9.5mm suitable for winches up to 13,500lb


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Winch Cable/Wire Rope 15m x 9.5mm

Suitable for up to 13,500lb winches

Clevis Forged G70  ½" Hook Included


Sometimes the standard cable length supplied with winches can be too long for standard single car recovery trucks. It can be hard to manage on the drum and can lead to winch damage through cable bunching. This 15m set has been produced directly as a result of requests from our recovery customers and is ideal for use on Transit and other 3.5T recovery trucks. 

Please note that it is very important that you retain at least 6 tight wraps on the drum at all times as this is what anchors the cable to the drum. 


Industry-leading lifetime warranty on mechanical components & 3yrs warranty on electrical.
VAT invoice provided with every sale.

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