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30mm Wheel Spacers to fit Land Rover Discovery MK3 & MK4, Range Rover MK3 & MK4. RED T3


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30mm Wheel Spacers to fit Land Rover Discovery MKIII & MKIV, Range Rover PMK3 & MK4. RED T3

Genuine WINCHMAX Aluminium 30mm Wheel Spacers (Set of 4)



  • Hub centralising collar design for easy fitment and enhanced stability.
  • Precision engineered using latest technology CNC milling machines ensuring a perfect fit and finish. 
  • Manufactured from 6061T6 aircraft-grade aluminium for lightest weight and maximum strength.
  • Beautiful anodised finish for improved corrosion resistance and durability.
  • High tensile (grade 10.9) wheel bolt specification significantly improved from standard grade OE Land Rover parts.
  • Increases wheelbase by 60mm for improved handling and stability.
  • Allows for fitment of wider rims & tyres.
  • Fits all Dicovery MK4 & MK4 / Range Rover MK3 / MK4 with standard hubs.
  • Pitch Circle Diameter (PCD): 5 x 120 Thread: 14 x 1.5mm Centre Bore: 72.6mm  

Industry-leading lifetime warranty on mechanical components & 3yrs warranty on electrical.
VAT invoice provided with every sale.

WINCHMAX wheel spacers are precision made and will offer you many years of use if fitted and used correctly. Fitting must be undertaken by a suitably competent person in accordance with the vehicle manufacturers handbook and the guidance below. We recommend engaging the services of a professional wheel/tyre specialist.


WINCHMAX Wheel Spacer fitting info diagram

  1. Remove wheel in accordance with vehicle handbook.
  2. Clean the contact surfaces of the rim and the hub (emery cloth/wire brush) to ensure they are free from corrosion and any dirt or grit -check the spacer fits snugly on the hub.
  3. Secure spacer to the hub using the lug nuts supplied with the spacers. Tighten (crosswise pattern) to the same torque setting specified by the vehicle manufacturer for the wheel fitting.
  4. Check that the recesses in the rear of the rim will accommodate the stud protrusion from the spacer.
  5. Re-fit the wheel onto the spacer in accordance with the vehicle handbook.
  6. Check for security and adequate clearance between the wheel and the vehicle throughout the full steering range ‘lock to lock’.
  7. Re-check torque settings after 20 then 100 miles of driving and as required thereafter.
  8. If using blind lug nuts please ensure that they tighten correctly against the rim and do not ‘bottom out’ against the end of the stud.
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WHINCHMAX Wheel Spacer Guide