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Swivel Recovery Eye. Stainless Steel for Winch Bumper Including 4.75 Ton ¾" Shackle


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Swivel Recovery Eye. Stainless Steel for Winch Bumper Including 4.75t ¾" Shackle

This is a heavy-duty item not to be confused with the smaller and lighter weight 3.25t versions on the market.



  • Swivel eye CNC machined from solid stainless steel.
  • Supplied with uprated ¾" CE zinc plated bow shackle rated at 4.75t.
  • Drop forged CE shackle rated at 4.75t, zinc plated.
  • Supplied with a circlip and spring washers to ensure a tighter fit.
  • Requires a 38mm hole drilled into the winch bumper which must be structurally suitable and with a steel plate thickness of 5-7mm
  • These are the same swivel recovery eyes and shackles supplied with the superb WINCHMAX Defender winch bumper.
  • Weight approx. 1.5kg


Industry-leading lifetime warranty on mechanical components & 3yrs warranty on electrical.
VAT invoice provided with every sale.

Bumper swivel eye base dimensions

  • Img 8440b
  • Img 7913
  • Img 8437b
  •  mg 8036 white   shackle
  • Img 8387
  • Img e1949v2
  • Img e8061c
  • Shackle swivel recovery eye diagram
  • Img 8438b