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8Tonne 8Ton 8T Snatch Block for 4x4 or Recovery Winch WINCHMAX


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12 Tonne Snatch Block by WINCHMAX

(Safe Working Load 8 Tonne)

Bright orange - wont get left behind.

FINAL PRICE INCLUDES VAT (And we always provide a VAT invoice)

260mm Long x 130mm Wide x 65mm diameter hole. For use with up to 14.5mm cable diameter.

Weighing in at over 3KG this is a seriously heavy duty product.

Superb quality with grease nipple fitted on spindle

Swing out plates pivot at pulley shaft for easy engagement / disengagement from winch cable.

Using a snatch block will double the pulling power of your winch or looking at it another way, it will half the strain, reducing current draw and loading on your winch motor, bearings and gearbox.

An essential tool for any serious recovery operation or 4X4.

Recover heavy or non rolling vehicles with ease.

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