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WINCHMAX CETOP5/NG10 Solenoid Valve and Manifold Subplate


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CETOP5/NG10 Solenoid Valve and Manifold Subplate.


Solenoid Operated Directional Hydraulic Control Valve, CETOP5/NG10 Three-Position 24V
Solenoid-operated directional spool valve used to start, stop and direct the oil flow.


  • Double 24V Coils.
  • High Flow up to 120l/min.
  • Removable DIN plug connector with clear cover, cable gland and LED indicator.
  • Configuration; SPring centred P open to Tank, A & B Blocked.
  • Max Pressure P,A,B, 31.5 Mpa (350 bar / 4500 psi).
  • Manual override feature.

Manifold Subplate Cetop5/NG10 Hydraulic
These steel plate covers have been designed to replace valves on the steel manifold and work to provide a pressure blank, which will enable the remaining station to operate. A manifold subplate with reliable relief valves will improve your system’s overall safety and precise control.


  • Forged Steel Construction
  • Side Ported P,T,A,B.
  • Port size ½” BSP

Industry-leading lifetime warranty on mechanical components & 3yrs warranty on electrical.
VAT invoice provided with every sale.


4WE10 Solenoid Direction Control Valve

Max. flow rate (1/min)


Max. working pressure (MPa) A, B, P port


Max. working pressure (MPa) T port


Double solenoids type Weight (kg)


Hydraulic fluid

Mineral oil

Seal material

NBR seals

Temperature range (°C)

-30 to +80

Viscosity range (mm2/s)

2.8 to 500

Oil cleanliness class according to IS0 4406

Class 20/18/15


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