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WINCHMAX CETOP3/NG6 12v Solenoid Valve, Manifold and Regulator


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CETOP3/NG6 Solenoid Operated Modular Directional Control Valve with Pressure Regulator and Manifold Block. 
High flow directional control for hydraulic winches. 


Solenoid Operated Directional Hydraulic Control Valve, CETOP3/NG6 Three-Position 12V 
Used to start, stop and direct the oil flow. 


  • Double 12V Coils. 
  • High Flow up to 80l/min. 
  • Removable DIN plug connector with clear cover, cable gland and LED indicator. 
  • Configuration; Spring centred P open to Tank, A & B Blocked. 
  • Max Pressure P,A,B, 31.5 MPa (315 bar / 4500 psi). 
  • Manual override feature. 


Modular Hydraulic Pressure Regulator Relief Valve CETOP3/NG6 
Modular relief valve used to regulate the maximum pressure within the operating parameters of the winch or other item being controlled. Installed between the manifold block and directional control valve. When set pressure is exceeded, P will bypass across to T. 


  • Easy to operate rotary calibration control with lock ring. 
  • Maximum Flow 35l/min
  • P to T on operation. 
  • Pressure Adjustment Range 3.5-14 MPa (35-140 bar setting range). 
  • Supplied with extended bolts for attachment between direction valve and manifold block. 


Manifold Subplate CETOP3/NG6 Hydraulic 
Provides a manifold to connect the P,T,A,B pipework into a directional control valve (and pressure regulator if required).  


  • Forged Steel Construction 
  • Side Ported P,T,A,B. 
  • Port size ⅜” BSP 


Industry-leading lifetime warranty on mechanical components & 3yrs warranty on electrical.
VAT invoice provided with every sale.

 4WE6 Solenoid Direction Control Valve 
 Max. flow rate (l/min)  80
 Max. working pressure (MPa) A, B, P port  31.5
 Max. working pressure (MPa) T port  16
 Double solenoids type Weight (kg)  2.2
 Hydraulic Fluid  Mineral Oil
 Seal Material  NBR Seals
 Temperature range (°C)  -30 to +80
 Viscosity range (mm2/s)  2.8 to 500
 Oil cleanliness class according to ISO 4406  Class 20/18/15


MRV-02 Modular Relief Valve 
 Pressure adjustment range (MPa)  3.5 -14
 Max. flow rate (l/min)  35
 Weight (kg)  1.5
 Hydraulic fluid  Mineral oil
 Seal material  NBR seals 
 Temperature range (°C)   -30 to  +80 
 Viscosity range (mm2/s)   2.8 to 500 
 Oil cleanliness class according to ISO 4406  Class 20/18/15


Solenoid Valve

WINCHMAX Wheel Spacer fitting info diagram


WINCHMAX Wheel Spacer fitting info diagram

Manifold Block

WINCHMAX Wheel Spacer fitting info diagram

  • Wmhysolvalve3 12v wmhyblock3 wmhyreg3 a
  • Wmhysolvalve3 12v wmhyblock3 wmhyreg3
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  • Wmhysolvalve3 12v
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