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Polypropylene Floor Tile - Corner


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Simple, easy do it yourself garage flooring.

Raceway Interlocking Tiles are a high impact copolymer polypropylene heavy-duty tile designed to withstand heavy vehicles and can be used for home, business or commercial applications. The tiles are engineered to resist oil, gas and most normal household or automobile fluids.

Raceway has a patented interlocking system that requires no tools or glues. It's easy to snap together with no special preparation required, simply sweep the floor and install over your existing floor.  No adhesives are needed.

Raceway Tiles are easy to clean, you can sweep, vacuum, hose, or power wash. They have a perforated underside to allow for airflow under the tile so that any moisture or water can dry out, the interlocking tiles are not affected by moisture. 

Raceway tiles are available in RED, BLACK, WHITE, BLUE, ORANGE and GREY

Please note we have corner and edge tiles also.

Each Raceway tile measures 12" x 12" (1 sq ft)

There are 10.76 Square Feet (Ft2) in a Square meter (m2) 

To work out how many tiles you need times the total area in m2 by 10.76


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